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House in Commerce Twp.

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Proudly Serving Commerce Twp, Michigan, and Their Pest Control Needs

At Solidified Pest Control, we customize our pest control and wildlife removal services to each Commerce Twp. resident. Our professional, courteous technicians are well-experienced in the area’s spiders, ants, bats, and mice. Whether you live in northern Commerce Charter Twp. near Cooley Lake Road, or you’re south along M-5, we can handle all of your pest control.

Pest Removal You Can Rely On

Solidified Pest Control has been doing pest control for long enough to know how inconvenient a pest or rodent problem can be. Our treatments are customized to each home to ensure they last. We walk you through the process, ensuring that you know what to expect each step of the way. We also take a unique approach. We not only use effective methods to get rid of the pests or wildlife, but we also repair their entrance points. Sealing off their entrance points and making sure they don’t return is just as important as us getting rid of them in the first place.

The happiness and of your family is important. We only use safe products and humane techniques to make your home pest and rodent-free. We use products that we would use in our own homes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, as we are always willing to share our plans with you.

Bat Removal in Commerce

Bats can turn your attic into a home. You might notice their presence by the droppings they leave behind, or the strong smell they emit. Bats aren’t clean and can even cause damage to your attic. We can not only help you identify a bat infestation, but we also have the resources and skills needed to get rid of them for good. Our bat removal techniques are thorough and efficient.

Mice Removal in Commerce

Mice may move indoors in search of heat or food. While a single mouse or two isn’t always a big deal, they can quickly get out of control if you don’t get rid of them. Our technicians can help you determine why they are coming indoors, help you find their entrance point, and get rid of them for good.

Solidified Pest Control also offers pest control and rodent removal services to Commerce Twp’s commercial businesses. We know how inconvenient, and costly, it can be to have a pest problem in your place of business. Not only can it lead to dissatisfied customers, but it can also lead to a bad reputation. That’s why our commercial services are discreet and thorough. We get in, take care of the problem, and let you get back to business.

Schedule a Pest Control Inspection Today

Think you might have a pest or bat problem? Schedule an inspection today using our convenient online tool. We will come out and evaluate the problem and go over your options with you. You can be involved in the process as much, or as little as you want.

Your Oakland County Pest Control Professionals

Solidified Pest Control is able to handle all your pest control needs including ants, spiders, bees, bed bugs, beetles, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, flies, crickets, mites, Indian meal moths, and any other pests you find your home. We also have proven techniques for getting rid of rodents, including bats and mice. We remove pests in all of the Commerce Twp, Michigan, area.

We offer pest control services to all of Oakland and Wayne County, including Waterford, Auburn Hills, Farmington Hill, Troy, Livonia, Birmingham, and Rochester Hills, Michigan. We have worked with many home and business owners and maintain a five-star rating across numerous platforms. That’s because we take pride in our work and look forward to turning you into a satisfied customer. Contact us for your Commerce pest control.

They responded within less than an hour of my leaving a voicemail. Then, they were at our house within 4 hours. They assessed the situation, inspected, and took steps to take care of the problem. He also provided us with some suggestions as to keep from having issues in the future.


Three squirrels captured and removed and the hole repaired. Excellent work, very responsive and professional. Problem solved.

Susan H.
Susan H.

It went great. No more wasps after 48 hrs. And it took only 15 minutes to apply the treatment. The man that came (I forgot his name but I believe it's a small family business) was very serious and knowledgeable. Also he was the first one to respond and be able to show up after I contacted 4 or 5 different pest exterminators.

Aliq S.
Aliq S.