Bat Removal

Bat removal in Michigan.

Bat Removal in Michigan

Do you need bat removal in Michigan? Bats are very common in Michigan. They are nocturnal flying mammals, not related to birds. Mother bats give live birth to one baby at a time, not from an egg, which is different than other species. The mother will feed it milk, and the pup will stay with its mother for a year before it is ready to leave on its own. Bats mate in autumn, bearing their children in June and July.

This is around the time that you will notice an increase in bats in, or around, your house. They are very smart animals and have a very unique method of finding prey. Bats are not blind, rather depending on their sonar abilities to find food, as well as navigate during flight. They aren’t like birds in the sense that they cannot just take off and fly, but rather they need to warm up and stretch to get the blood flowing to their wings’ muscles.

They seek undisturbed places to set up shelter, as they are often very shy animals. The most common places where they’ll enter a home is in the attic, and they can be very noisy. They carry diseases, such as histoplasmosis, which can be contracted by breathing in particles while cleaning up their droppings. Despite their nesting habits, they are very clean mammals, pruning themselves and other bats constantly. They scratch and lick each other for hours on end during the day when they’re resting.

Bats, if left long enough, can definitely do structural damage to a building. Solidified Pest Control recommends a professional sealing of a home to prevent bats from entering in the first place, and we are also able to get the bats out if you have them. They can make their way back to a home easily if not sealed the correct way.

Homeowners should be hesitant of structural repairs from just anyone in the event that bats have taken shelter in their homes. If not done by those with carpentry or pest control backgrounds, they rarely are successful in keeping bats away. Before hiring Solidified Pest Control, some of our clients have paid thousands of dollars to have their homes re-roofed by companies that didn’t understand bats. Unfortunately, the bats returned within a year.

That’s why we do things differently. We not only get rid of the bats, but we also stop them from entering the same location.

We’re Michigan’s Top Bat Removal Company!

Contact the bat experts at Solidified Pest Control today to seal your home or commercial building, and we’ll ensure that they don’t come back!

We offer bat removal services to all of Metro Detroit, including Redford, Livonia, Troy, Clarkston, and all of Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan. We have a 100% customer satisfaction, which means we’ll get rid of your bats for good.

They responded within less than an hour of my leaving a voicemail. Then, they were at our house within 4 hours. They assessed the situation, inspected, and took steps to take care of the problem. He also provided us with some suggestions as to keep from having issues in the future.


Three squirrels captured and removed and the hole repaired. Excellent work, very responsive and professional. Problem solved.

Susan H.
Susan H.

It went great. No more wasps after 48 hrs. And it took only 15 minutes to apply the treatment. The man that came (I forgot his name but I believe it's a small family business) was very serious and knowledgeable. Also he was the first one to respond and be able to show up after I contacted 4 or 5 different pest exterminators.

Aliq S.
Aliq S.